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Nail Salon

Nail Salon | K-Nails - Fargo, ND

Nail Services

K-Nails offer all kinds of nail services to our customers, both male and female! Or clients are from both genders because we offer services that are relaxing and good for your nail health. If you are a male and are in need of some hand services, we can offer you many options to choose from. You do not have to be a female in order to get a manicure! Who said you had to get color painted on your nails, or anything painted on your nails! Sometimes it can show a lot about a person based on how manicured their appearance is and that includes your nails and your hands. We offer cuticle treatments and services, exfoliation services, and much more. If you have been thinking of stopping by but have been a little bit embarrassed; because you are a male, stop that way of thinking and come into our nail salon. We would love to have you and we will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

We also offer all of the services that females are used to receiving in a nail salon. You will find that we can provide a manicure or a pedicure for you as well as various waxing services, paraffin wax services for relaxation and help with any joint issues or dry skin, and much more. You can come in, get your nails done, get your eyebrows waxed, and come out feeling like a brand new woman. Our pricing is extremely competitive so you will not be ripped off by us. All of our nail technicians are nice, extremely personable, and well trained. This will quickly become your favorite nail salon.

We also offer touch up services if you are in need of that. All you need to do is walk into our salon! You do not even have to make an appointment with us. If you do have to wait by any chance, you will not be left waiting very long. In no time at all we will get started on the service you desire and you will be able to relax. While you are here, we have comfortable seating, televisions to watch, and much more to make you as comfortable as possible. Stop by our salon today to get your nails done and so much more!

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